Trading is our passion – At Mazran Trading, we engage directly with some of the world’s most prominent multinational corporations. Our trade inventory spans across various industries including construction, automobile, computers and furniture – supplanted with our four years long experience in trading and economics, we have developed a keen sense of trading values that provide attractive returns in a highly competitive market such as United Arab Emirates.Launched on 27th January 2011 and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and licensed under the Department of Economic Development (Trade License #649371) , the Mazran trading network spans all continents of the globe, we connect and supply our clients with products compliant with laws and regulations of the respective countries. The Mazran Trading is dedicated to providing products through personalized channels spanning a large network of top multinational organizations such as Hewlett-Packard.

We trade in furniture derived from exotic material complemented with excellent artisanship, high quality medical and pharmaceutical equipment, glamorous clothing, high-quality groceries and food items, automobile accessories compatible with universal manufacturers, high-quality construction material, top-end information technology equipment and mobile phones.Commitment to our trade is the defining trait of Mazran Trading – our commitment integrates dedication, punctuation and enthusiasm. Our deep connections with our trading partners ensure that we have unparalleled access to all existing and new items in the respective industries, we provide our clients from stable products of all industries to the top innovations marked for limited distribution.

The Mazran Trading Network is managed by a qualified and experienced team of trading managers familiar with trends of global trade, ensuring that our supply and demand spectrum remains fulfilled. We offer our services under competitive, personalized plans that cater exactly to the needs of all clients.Mazran General Trading LLC is consistently seeking new clients and trade opportunities as part of our rapid development strategy – Mazran Trading is fuelled by our motivation of expansion to every major region and city in the world. Alongside that, we are constantly seeking to add more products and industries into our general trading portfolio.Regardless if you are an owner of a multinational organization, aspiring entrepreneur or even an integrated business manager, we offer tailored trading solutions applicable to the specific needs of our clients.

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